Left out in the cold

Published 11:01 pm Thursday, March 5, 2015

On Sunday Feb. 23, Elaine and I were out visiting a good friend and supporter and we arrived home a little later than usual. As is the norm, there were a few phone messages for me which I answered in the order they were received. One was from Linda, another good friend and supporter, so I called and asked, “What’s up Linda?” A half hour later I got off the phone with this frantic but loving lady.


“Lennie,” she began, “two dogs came by my house, shivering from the cold, scared and hungry.”

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“What breed did they look like, Linda?” I asked.

“The male was a lab and the female was some sort of hound and she was really skinny. I have five cats, Lennie, and I gave all the cat food I could and they gobbled it up. They also ate a half a loaf of bread. I gave them blankets to keep them warm and called the shelter but they were closed. I finally reached Cowboy with animal control and he picked them up.”

“Beautiful Linda, that’s exactly what I would have advised, you are the best.”

“Lennie,” she went on, obviously wishing to prolong our conversation. “Yes dear lady, how can I help you?”

“Would you do me a favor and keep an eye on them and let me know how they’re doing.”

“I’ll do more than that Linda. I’ll call FHS tomorrow and tell them they’re Lennie’s Kids and I’ll have my fund handle whatever they need.”

“God bless you Lennie.”

“Thank you Linda I really love being offered His blessings.”
On Monday I called FHS and spoke with Ashley (nicknamed Cutie), and informed her that the two dogs Cowboy brought in will be Lennie’s Kids and my FHS fund will handle all their needs. Cutie is a good friend who has never wavered in her support of me and my cause.

“You’re the best Lennie,” she replied and I could sense the smile in her voice.
A few days later I finally got the chance to visit Dalton, the male lab and Skyler, the female blue tick coon hound.  I learned that they were both two year olds who arrived without a collar or a chip and no one claimed them. The pads on their paws were frozen from being out in the cold so long. I began shaking with a combination of anger and compassion.

Ashley said, “They’re fine now Lennie, they’re putting on some weight and they’ll be fixed this week.”  I looked on the board to see where they were and smiled when I read, “in #7, Dalton and Skyler, Lennie’s Kids.”

I left my walker behind and Chuck Davis, who had driven me, assisted me to their dog run. My walker tends to scare the caged dogs, exactly the opposite of what I’m used to from my kids. Dalton came right to the cage gate, but Skyler stayed back, a bit wary until I pulled out the treats. As I handed them treats my heart filled with joy as I told them they’ll be alright. I ached to climb in the cage with them but I‘m just not ready for that yet. I said a silent prayer thanking God for the opportunity to help His creatures, not wanting to sound ungrateful for all He has given me.


Before leaving I made sure every other dog received treats, I didn’t want them to think that Uncle Lennie plays favorites.

Back at the front desk I marveled at how beautiful and sweet they were and asked Ashley to send me photos.  Before leaving I gave Cutie a hug and she said to me, “Dalton is going to be a candidate for the SAP program.” I smiled to myself and thought, “How perfect would that be?” Then I looked to the heavens and whispered, “You’re always on the job aren’t you, Boss?”

Thanks for listening.