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Published 10:00 pm Friday, August 15, 2014

The Dance Dynamics Competition Teams recently attended “So You Think Greer Can Dance” dance competition in which all proceeds were donated to Relay for Life. The competition helped to raise over $5000. The students competed well at the competition, had a great time, and felt great about giving back to such a great cause. Bethany Smith was the highest scoring solo of all soloists at the competition and the group “Get Happy” was the highest scoring group of the entire competition.
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Both numbers were chosen to dance again for the title of “So you think Greer can Dance”. Smith won with her acro/jazz routine, “Sharp Dressed Man”. “Get Happy”, featuring the Senior and Petite Teams, is a novelty routine with lifts and jazz steps. Featured dancers include, Clancey Coley, Nora Contreras, Ada Kelley, Aliyha Mullins, Gracy Roberts, Bethany Smith, Juliet Taft, and Lindy Wicklund.
Soloist receiving Diamond award (highest score possible) was Bethany Smith with her tap solo (The Candyman) and her acro/jazz solo(Sharp Dressed Man). “Get Happy” received a Diamond Award for all groups.
Soloists receiving Platinum awards were Ada Kelley (tap and Jazz solo), Hannah Watkins (tap solo), Kati Shanahan (jazz solo), and Madison Yellen (clogging solo). Groups receiving Platinum awards were the Petite tap and jazz groups, Junior tap and jazz groups, and Senior tap and jazz groups. The Petite Competition team consists of Clancey Coley, Ada Kelley, Gracy Roberts and Bethany Smith. The Junior Competition team consists of Cheyenne Jennings, Kati Shanahan, Hannah Watkins, and Maggie Wilson. Gracie Lance is also a member of the Junior team but was out with an injury. The Senior Competition team consists of Nora Contreras, Aliyha Mullins, Juliet Taft, and Lindy Wicklund.
Soloists receiving Gold Awards were Cheyenne Jennings (jazz) and Juliet Taft (contemporary).
This competition was a very meaningful day. Not only were the dancers rewarded with lots of awards for their hard work, but giving to Relay for Life was a great feeling. The dancers hope that this will be an annual event that they can continue to donate and participate in. Fall classes will begin after Labor Day. For more information about the studio visit:

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