Foothills bridge results from Oct. 10

Published 12:15 am Monday, October 14, 2013

Morning Restricted Pairs

Section A:

First: Gordy Cwik – Mike Roemer
Second: Donald Cobb – Len Ellis
Third: Ronald Wingo – Chip Boyle
Fourth: Jack Williams – Donald Eifert

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First: Bill Anderson – Elizabeth Refshauge
Second: Robert Desjardins – Marsha Desjardins
Third: Lee Ellis – Pickney Clement
Fourth: Lynn Ulrey – Bill Ulrey

Section B:

First: Richard Belthoff – Rolland Rasmussen
Second/Third: Hoppy Long – Betsy Carr
Second/Third: Pat Rogers – Bill Baker
Fourth: Pam Mattern -Eilene Morgan


First: Lee Cudlip – Elaine Riley
Second/Third: Ben Woodward – Sarah Potter
Second/Third: Janice Dunn – Kris Diggs
Fourth: Virginia C. Davis – Elizabeth Easley

Afternoon Open Pairs


First: Sally Jo Carter -Richard Long
Second: Barbara Schuvart – Jane Janke
Third: Charles Cannon – Sheila Umlauf


First: Curtis Ross – Michael Verbonic
Second: Mickey Brandstadter – Edwina Burger
Third: Daniel Dworkin – Patrick Collins

– article submitted by Marily Williams