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The more things change

It was Sophie who wandered over to the neighbors property and may have instigated the altercation,



nonetheless it took five days for the owner to relinquish her to Helen, thus to me, so she could get care and a safer environment in which to live. Sophie’s wounds were pretty severe, and though she is a bit sad and confused, she is healing nicely at Landrum vet. Yesterday, when I opened her cage for the first time to give her reassurance that life would get better, she gazed upon me with recognition and her tail began thumping.  More to come in the future.

I paid for more meds to handle Gidget’s ongoing eye problem. Gidget is a Min-Pin.

I had a tumor removed from sweet Brandy’s thigh area. Brandy, an 8-year-old white Boxer, will be fine, thanks to Tommy Maiolo.