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Taber enjoys leading Landrum Boys and Girls Club

Taber, who has an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in business, began working for Boys and Girls Club his sophomore year in college. He grew up in Chesnee but kept strong ties to his father’s family in Landrum, and his father has been his mentor, he said.

“I like spending time with my family, and I love backyard baseball. I like to stay active and work out,” Taber said. “I like to watch my little brother in his league sports. I get to see kids from Boys and Girls Club playing in the league games, and get to know their families.”

High school students from Americorps often work in the Boys and Girls Club programs, helping elementary students with their homework and participating in the activities.

“I enjoy working with kids in Americorps. Many of the high school kids in Americorps plan to go into elementary education, and they can find out whether they like it and how it might be,” Taber said. “It’s been awesome here. The parent support is great. The school support is great. We have a great staff in place.”