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$50,000 Main Street grant assists with St. Luke’s Plaza project

“That certainly caused the state to stand up and take notice of what was going on in our very small 1,700-person community wherein we have accomplished projects that much larger metropolitan areas have not done,” Armbrust said. “It demonstrates a willingness in a community for citizens to come together with town government to accomplish needful projects; projects that spur economic growth.”

The monies in this $50,000 grant are specifically designated for infrastructure Department of Transportation such as NC (DOT) standard curb and gutter, asphalt, sidewalks, brick concrete inclusions, landscaping, utilities consolidation and limited softscape (benches, tables, chairs, etc.).

How do such elements spur economic growth?

According to Armbrust, a city’s first impression to visitors holds a lot of value. He said many people make that impression on their first drive through downtown.

“It is the face of Tryon; it is the first thing that creates an individual’s impression of what our community is about,” Armbrust said. “They can infer much from the care that we as residents in this community take to put forth our very best face.”

Armbrust said the spinoff from these grants is the ability to build investor confidence, build a better business environment both aesthetically and commercially, and leverage additional grant funds.

He said the town has been able to utilize this recent application for an upcoming Polk County Community Foundation cycle to facilitate work on the Maple Street pedestrian pads and crosswalk that serve as connectors from St. Luke’s Plaza to Owen’s Pharmacy.

“So the public is being well served through the generosity not only of local citizens, who have a passion for our community, but our tax dollars coming back to us and creating a better operative business environment and social environment,” Armbrust said.