There’s nothing missing

Published 3:38 pm Friday, July 12, 2013

Jollie and Lennie

Jollie and Lennie

She was just past weaning when she scampered out where she shouldn’t have been and was struck by a golf cart.

Her owners could not afford her care, so she was turned into Dr. Raines at Landrum Vet.

While at the vet’s office on other business, Donna and her chief of staff, Elaine, played their conspiracy trick on me and laid this adorable creature in my arms.

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She began licking my face as I held her close and I thought to myself, “Ah, the essence of life, puppy breath.”

I learned that the break on her hind leg was at a growth plate and the leg may have to be taken.

“Would you name her?” I was asked. “Well, she reminds me of  little Molly, who is now Jester and lives with her older brother Joker, so let’s call her Jolly, but we’ll spell it Jollie so no one would forget she’s a lady.”

Jollie is 9 weeks old and a Boxer, Carolina Mountain dog cross and I’ll let the photos attest to her cuteness. For the last few days each time I visit, Jollie winds up in my arms for a while. Jollie is now one of Lennie’s Kids and Dr. Raines has agreed to make her this year’s free case for me. Upon collaboration we have decided to try and save the leg and I have offered to help with the bills if they get out of hand.

Meanwhile, this adorable little creature could use a home. I promise, all she needs in the future till she gets well will be paid. I’ll make another promise, if after all is said and done, and her leg must be taken, when you look at her you won’t notice; it’ll be as if nothing is missing.

I have this urge to quote Lucy from the Met Life commercial, “Did I mention she’s cute?”

Thanks for listening.