It’s a Matter of (Un)fairness

Published 9:35 am Wednesday, June 5, 2013

To the editor:

Polk County budget time with a new majority on the board of commissioners (BOC). Take cover, unless you’re a member of the majority’s “favorites club.”

First, why is it that Gibson Pool needs to be run like a business, according to the majority, charging the children who use it at least 80 percent of the cost to operate the pool?   In contrast, the majority aren’t asking for one penny from those who use the Mill Spring Recreation Center (ball fields) or Laughter Pond.

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So, charge children who use the pool 80 percent of the county’s cost to operate it; charge adults and children who use the Mill Spring Recreation Center ball fields and Laughter Pond zero percent of the cost to operate them.  In fact, the majority has refused even to consider a small user fee for the Mill Spring Recreation Center. Where’s the fairness there?

Then there’s the Foothills Humane Society. FHS gives Polk County citizens one of the best deals they could possibly get, by operating a virtually no-kill shelter, and taking care of Polk County’s legal obligations regarding stray animals. What thanks do they get?  A slapdown by the majority of the BOC. Without even polling the commissioners, Michael Gage gave the verdict:  We say “no.”  How could he have known that, without even asking the others in his majority?  Clearly by discussing it and making up their minds ahead of time, outside of a legally called meeting.