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PCCF grant provides funding for children in need

While Outreach purchases a lot of coats and other cold weather gear with the funds, they also find children with unique needs at each school, Reedy said.

“I worked with a child who wore sandals during the winter because those were the only shoes she had,” Reedy said.

“This year, there were a lot of children who needed basic items of clothing because they had outgrown their clothes and shoes. You just don’t think how expensive it is to buy an entire wardrobe for a child until you are faced with doing so. As much as parents try, some aren’t able to keep up with the financial costs.”

Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1991.

The organization’s mission is to provide compassionate assistance to Polk County residents who are unable to provide for their basic life needs.

For more information on Outreach, please visit www.tboutreach.org or call 828-894-2988.

– article submitted by Wendy Thomas