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Polk ZBA approves permit for equine hospital

Martin also expressed concerns about traffic noise from trucks and trailers and said a rise in the roadway hill near her drive and the right of way access would create traffic safety concerns. Other concerns raised by Martin were that the facility would create gravel road dust, that the hospital will lower the property value of her residence, would create potential for crime and animal waste smells.

Glenn Cantrell also testified in opposition saying that obstructed view due to a roadway hill at the junction of Landrum Road and Collinsville Road would create traffic safety problems at the access to the facility. Cantrell also expressed concerns that his driveway might be used as a turnaround point for large vehicle traffic missing the entrance to the facility and questioned why the access could not be achieved from Collinsville Road instead of Landrum Road.

Cantrell said he had to shovel fertilizer residue away from his pool as a result of agriculture practice on neighboring properties and he’s had to add up to 100 lbs. of chlorine to his pool to neutralize the residues. Cantrell said he believes these problems will become worse due to fertilizer on pastures at the proposed facility. He also expressed concern about increased crime because of the people he believes are likely to be employed at the veterinary hospital.

Hay said animal wastes would be temporarily stored on site in a covered dumpster and removed twice weekly. He also said in regards to visibility of buildings he believes the height of the tallest structure will be approximately 20 ft.

The permit was approved based on several factors that the majority of the board determined, including the buffer of trees and space between the facility and adjacent properties restricts fertilizer residue drift; vehicle traffic (four to 15 clients per day plus staff) will not be excessive or problematic; Landrum Road is a major road designed to accommodate higher traffic volumes and fertilizer use is a common area.