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Published 8:59 am Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To the editor:
Same sex marriage? What is marriage? Unfortunately, too many of us recognize only one definition, that of wedlock between a man and a woman. But there are other definitions.
Marry, as in Shakespeare, was an exclamation, which can be translated “to be sure” or “certainly.” Originally the word derived from the name of the Virgin Mary and was used as an oath. Many still cry “Mother of God” when frightened or appalled.
One of the modern definitions is “to enter a intimate union.” Then, some of us have only one definition of intimate, as it relates to human sexuality. But it also can mean any close acquaintance or association.
I wish the gay rights crowd wanting to protect each other, as in insurance and inheritance and other civil rights, had just called it civil union rather then gay marriage, a lightning rod for anti-gay sentiment. It might have saved a lot of society’s fighting and suffering over it.
Coming together legally for mutual benefit is not unlike a business partnership or corporation, already protected by law.
– Maryneal Jones, Columbus

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