UDO referendum isn’t inconceivable

Published 9:16 am Friday, October 19, 2012

To the editor:
On Sept. 17 a meeting was held at Polk County High School for the purpose of public comments on the UDO (Unified Development Ordinance).
During this meeting the idea of a referendum on the UDO was raised by some of the citizens that spoke.
After the public comment section of the meeting, commissioner Renée McDermott addressed the issue of a referendum on the UDO.
Commissioner McDermott said that while certain issues were permitted in North Carolina, the UDO would not be eligible for a referendum.
The fact that the state constitution limits referendum items is true.
The idea that the county cannot have a referendum on the UDO is not true. The state allows referendums on items other than listed in its constitution.
Our county commissioners would need to vote on and send a resolution to our state senator or state representative with a request for a special referendum.
Such a request is considered a Local Act (less than 15 counties) and after presented by our local senator or representative is usually rubberstamped by the state legislature.
– Jeff Bradley, Saluda

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