Tryon amends zoning ordinance for adult day cares, retail uses, allowed uses in transitional business district

Published 6:08 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tryon Town Council approved amendments to its zoning ordinance to allow for adult day care uses, to expand locations for retail uses under 10,000 square feet and to add allowed uses to its transitional business district (TBD).
Tryon Town Council held a public hearing on Tuesday, April 17 and later approved the amendments.
Interim Tryon Town Manager Joey Davis explained that adult day cares were not previously allowed or identified in the town’s table of uses. The town added adult day cares as an allowed use in districts where child care centers are permitted, which includes almost all the districts. In residential areas, however, adult day and child care centers are allowed only in a personal residence or in a church.
Adult day care centers are subject to restrictions concerning how many residents are allowed by the state, Tryon officials said.
The retail sales amendment was made to the town’s industrial district regulations to allow the reuse of former mills for retail use, such as is currently being done at the former Southern Mercerizing mill near the state line. The amendment makes an exception to the town’s 10,000-square-foot limit on retail uses. The amendment will make the market at the former Southern Mercerizing mill a conforming use within town as well as allow for similar retail uses for former mills such as Grover in Lynn.
Changes to the town’s transitional business district (TBD) uses include adding sign restrictions, which were not included when the TBD was established. Uses that are allowed in the town’s general business district and central business district were added to the TBD through the amendment.

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