Woods well’s water could be clear soon

Published 4:46 pm Friday, April 20, 2012

Discoloration of water in the Woods development could end soon as Columbus has gained state approval to move forward with a new feed system the town hopes will solve the problem.
Columbus Town Council met Thursday, April 19 and approved moving forward with construction of a sequestration project involving a new feed system that will place the polyphosphate chemical into the well.
The problem has been ongoing for more than a year, and the town agreed last August to perform the sequestration project in lieu of installing equipment to remove iron and manganese.
If the sequestration process doesn’t work, the state will require the town to install iron and manganese removal equipment to further resolve the issue, but town manager Jonathan Kanipe and engineer Brian Tripp of W.K. Dickson said they feel certain the problem will be fixed following this procedure.
The town gained state approval from the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) on April 9 for Columbus’ public works staff to conduct the work at the well.
Tripp’s firm will have to certify that the work is complete and sufficient, and after engineer approval the well can go online. Tripp said he estimates the work should begin soon and within weeks the water should show improvement.
Town officials have said there were never water quality issues at the well, as several tests of the water have been conducted. The problem has been discolored water for some residents close to the well because of a build-up of iron in the system.
Tripp said residents may find it takes some time to flush out their lines before the problem is totally alleviated.
Kanipe said the town has kept residents updated on the project, with the last letters being sent around November/December 2011. He said the town will notify residents when construction is going to begin as well as when the installation is completed.