BOC candidate Mierop answers Bulletin questions

Published 7:52 pm Sunday, April 15, 2012

1. Why are you running for Polk County Board of Commissioners?
I am running for the Polk County Board of Commissioners because I want to give back to the community that has had such a big influence on the way I was raised.
I feel that through the excellent education I have received, all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade in Polk Schools, and my time at N.C. State University, I will bring a wealth of experience that will benefit the county. Furthermore, I am running for county commissioner because I know that it is important to be involved in one’s community to keep it stable and to make sure people’s voices are heard.
2. What is your overall vision for Polk County?
My overall vision for Polk County is ensuring that it is a place where the businesses are suited for Polk County’s rural character, residents that want to support their families via local enterprise are able to and that it remains a place people will lways love and hold dear to their hearts.
I want to keep Polk County a great place for children to excel, businesses to prosper and residents to cherish.
3. What do you think the county’s financial priorities should be?
I believe that the county’s first financial priority is remaining financially responsible for the debts that it has at this current time. While paying debts in a financially responsible manner, I believe that the schools, public and emergency services should be taken care of as well as they have been under the current board of commissioners.
4. On your list of priorities, where is Polk County’s having its own water system and how soon should all areas of the county be connected?
I see water lines along main highways being highly beneficial to the county. I like knowing that in times of need there is water available in close locations via fire hydrants for use in firefighting. I think it is beneficial for water lines to be along the major highways of the county and for them to be connected.
I believe that the established water system should be connected when it is fiscally responsible to do so, when debts are paid down to a reasonable level, and when there is sufficient want, need and request for the justification for that large of an expense.
5. What direction do you feel the county should be moving in terms of zoning? Do you think land use regulations should be more strict than they currently are or more lenient. Please explain.
I believe that zoning, when done correctly, is a beneficial thing. Zoning in Polk County should be done in such a way to protect the rural character of the county, and to ensure that residents are able to run their business in an economically feasible way, as well as safely enjoy their homes and property.
I feel that as long as zoning is done in such a way to contribute to a business’ economic growth and viability that zoning is completely beneficial.
As long as land use regulations permit residents of Polk County to build their homes and support their families, I see that as just right.
Recently there have been amendments to zoning rules and they have been to make building home additions and accessory structures easier for residents. I think land use regulations need to allow residents to do what they want with their property, while not creating a nuisance to their neighbors.

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