Woman exercises second amendment

Published 6:05 pm Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To the editor:
To all female readers: Imagine the tragedy if the owner of Cakes and Confections 4U had not been armed and was not able to scare off those two “macho” assailants with her pistol.
It’s horrific that she agonized against those two punks (interesting that these “brave” boys had to double-team against one “helpless” female victim) for eight to 10 minutes, with no police cruiser in sight; being degraded physically and emotionally.
Bravo, ma’am, for upholding your second amendment right; just as each and every law-abiding American woman ought to be doing. Please, no squeamish excuses, ladies. It’s time to educate yourselves and take the responsibility to defend your own lives; for as you see, help will not always be on hand, not even in “small town U.S.A.”
The NRA offers Women On Target Safety Classes countrywide. Allen Arms in Greenville offers personal instruction and firearm safety classes. Contact County Sheriff Chuck Wright and gain information and confidence. Ladies, do it the “Wright” way: (Join the NRA) and get a gun.
– Debra Halborn, Landrum

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