What a stitch

Published 6:05 pm Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To the editor:
On March 16 I wandered into the opening reception of “Stitches for our Time,” a new show at The Gallery at Tryon Arts and Crafts School.
I had moderate expectations of what I would see but knew there would be interesting folk there willing to chat.
As the space before me opened, the eclectic nature and variety of artwork before me made the room feel electric. Some pieces were meant for decor, others to be worn.
As I entered the room of loft ceiling design with real gallery lighting, I got my socks knocked off. Not only was I struck by the quality and ingenuity of pieces on display, but also by the way in which they were displayed.
A long, narrow quilt with embedded hand painted silk graphic hung from a steel beam. A family of socks with other coordinated stitchery was enticingly draped over an eye-level high pillar with a sign that said “Not for Sale.”
There were jackets on wardrobe hangers, positioned alone and in cluster, with complementary wearable works of art. Glorious scarves flowed like ocean waves in well-lit glass display cases.
On the walls were double framed objects and intricate wall hangings, each tacitly telling its own story. There was enough space between objects to stand and “ponder meaning”.
Works of some artists were dispersed around the room. It added variety, enticing the viewer to more thoroughly explore each piece and compare techniques used to create them.
Agape, I wandered to the reception area for finger food and drink. There was the usual offering of wine and also what I really wanted, a microbrew. Toward the back of the room a large round table filled with savory appetizers kept people eating, meeting and moving. Oh my!
Although the initial celebration is over, this imaginative display of stitched art remains on display through April 27 at Tryon Arts & Crafts School, 373 Harmon Field Rd, Tryon.
Take a friend and enjoy.
– Ginger Leavitt, Tryon

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