When does drinking become a problem?

Published 12:37 pm Friday, March 23, 2012

Since alcohol is a legal drug, there are certain criteria for responsible use.  Responsible use is defined as 21 years of age, non-alcoholic, never drink and drive, knowing your personal limits, no alcohol related health problems, no trouble at home or on the job, and no genetic predisposition for alcoholism in your family.
As mentioned above, honest self-examination on the part of the individual is required.  Sometimes we are not willing to see what others see.  We don’t want to examine ourselves and are not receptive to the suggestions of others.  Individuals may rationalize or blame others for excessive drinking, building a wall of denial.  Breaking through denial is a difficult task.  Honesty and openness, hopefully, will lead to admitting that a problem exists.  Then and only then can proper intervention or treatment help to resolve the issue.
Courage and discipline on the part of the individual is necessary to address problem drinking: courage to admit a problem exists and the discipline to do something about it.
If you think that you or a family member may have a drinking problem, The Polk Wellness Center can help. A licensed addictions counselor is there to help in a confidential and non-threatening environment.  Call our office at 828-894-2222 for an assessment.  Most insurance is accepted with adjusted rates for low-income individuals.
– article submitted by Rick McCallister

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