Pilot for sci-fi series to film in Landrum

Published 5:26 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cameras are set to roll through Landrum in April as a production crew films a pilot for a science fiction series called “Distraction.”
Writer and producer Jeff Prince of Green Giant Media said he settled on Landrum for the production because he felt the town gives a true feeling of Americana.
“I really wanted that perfect Main Street look,” Prince said. “A lot of the downtowns are not as well-kept or thriving as Landrum. Plus, the proximity to the mountains offers such a great visual.”
Melanie Jennings, president of the Landrum Area Business Association, said she got a call from Prince several months ago as he was still in the process of scouting a location.
Jennings said she immediately offered to start making calls to other businesses to see how they might be able to pitch in.
“The whole thing with this, is if we get enough fanfare with this movie it will be a great boost for them and a great boost for our town,” said Jennings.
Prince told city council officials Tuesday, March 13 that not only would shots of Landrum be featured in the film, but Landrum itself will be the actual town name in the pilot.
“There is no way this could be a bad thing for our town,” Jennings said. “We’re very fortunate that we do have a great group of businesses and great town leaders that have supported this. People have just been that wonderful and willing to help.”
And that makes a difference, Prince said.
“It can be hit or miss when talking to a small town,” he said. “Anything that helps our budget and gets us exposure is great.”
Crews are expected to be in the middle of filming from April 15-22.
Cinematographer Corey Messer has worked with Prince to select shooting locations for each scene. While one scene will be shot at Camp Croft and another in Campobello, the rest will be shot in various locations around Landrum.
These will include shots of one of the main characters driving down East Rutherford, shots on rural roads where the crew plans to flip a truck, shots at Landrum airport and at a local doctor’s office. There will also be one overnight shoot that will include a barn dance scene with 70-100 people on set.
Producers said the City of Landrum and all of the locations would be credited on the film. Crews also plan to work with the Landrum Police Department and rescue squad to ensure traffic is not disrupted during the filming.
While Prince didn’t want to give too much away, he did say that if people were fans of the “Twilight Zone” series, they’d definitely be into “Distraction.”
The Facebook page for “Distraction” describes the series: “Distraction is about the strange disappearance, and even stranger re-appearance of small town belle Claire. The story follows her star-crossed friend Wesley as he tries to solve the mystery of where she’s been and why other strange things have been happening in town when she reappears.”
To find out more about the pilot and to follow cast and crew, visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Distraction/296783977042106?sk=wall.
“If it gets picked up by SyFy Channel or another network it would be a mini-series and they’ve said they would continue to shoot the series in Landrum,” Jennings said.
“When people see Landrum, S.C. in the pilot they are going to wonder where that is and they will seek us out.”