Lennie’s Kids: a never-ending story

Published 11:07 am Monday, January 2, 2012

Mitsy and the tumor that had been plaguing her. (photo submitted)

As the year comes to a close I once again find myself overwhelmed with Special Cases but I will do as I always do, take them one at a time.
Misty is a 5-year-old tan and white female Boxer that was an owner turn in on Dec. 10.
This girl is so beautiful and so full of life and love you can’t help but smile being around her.
Misty was supporting a tumor that was growing on her left rear thigh and leg that was the size of a volleyball.
When I first saw her I wept with frustration for this thing had to be going on for years, yet she carried it with her like it was just part of life.
“What should we do, Lennie?”
“We’ll do anything and everything that we can,” I responded as I enfolded her in my arms.
Phone calls were made and the very next morning I brought her into Bonnie Brae’s to see my dear friend Dr. Ian Fitch. When we walked into the clinic there wasn’t a dry eye in the waiting room.
Misty (bless her soul) happily greeted every person and animal she met. When we got in to see my friend Ian, I was flooded with emotion.
“Please doc, use your magic and do everything and anything you can for her, I don’t care what it costs.”
“I’ll do my best Lennie, I promise,” said Ian, himself visibly shaken.
You should all feel sorry for the poor vets in our area for the emotional turmoil and the difficult cases I place in their hands.  It’s too much to explain all that was going on with Misty but it wasn’t cancerous. A few days later the ugly thing hanging from Misty’s leg was removed.
As expected there was massive bleeding and Ian feared her blood count was low.
“We couldn’t get it all Lennie,” Ian went on, “it went too deep into her thigh, but it went pretty well and I think she’ll be fine. She’s a lovely girl,” Ian added.
I visited her every chance I could for the next few days and was amazed at how well she was healing. I could never truly express the love and appreciation I have for all these wonderful people and the work they do for my kids.
I brought Misty back to the shelter a week ago and for all intents and purposes she is good to go. The chances of her tumor ever growing back are zero, at least as long as I am alive.
I get to see her every day and my sweet Bowser until someone is wise enough to add these beautiful, loving and joyful kids to their family.
I am currently working with a 6 month old at Landrum vet that needs special care; perhaps Tonic will be next week’s tale. Yes, unfortunately, it is a never-ending story but I wish to conclude on an uplifting note.
This has been a wonderfully successful year and many lives were saved. Polk County is head and shoulders above surrounding areas when it comes to the welfare of our animals.
Yes, the shelter, rescues and vets are full but the support from donors, volunteers and workers is awesome.
I personally wish to extend my never-ending gratitude to those who both openly and anonymously support my cause. I am also so appreciative for the letters I receive, the envelopes left for me and the folks who just walk up to me and say, “This is for your kids.”
You all have helped save lives and have pulled me through countless scrapes when I thought there wasn’t an answer.
My kids and I are ever grateful, please keep us in your prayers, for you most certainly are in ours.
Have a wonderful New Year, thanks for being there and as always,
Thanks for listening.

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