Jingle Bell Rock and Ride Hunter Pace results

Published 10:55 am Monday, January 2, 2012

Best Dressed Holiday Horse “Savannah” and runner up “Lady” with Chris and Kelly Cannon. (photo by Lou Smith)

On Dec. 11, the Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series featured the Jingle Bell Rock and Ride Hunter Pace at Croft State Park in Spartanburg, S.C. The ride benefited the HALTER Equine Therapy Program in Spartanburg at Croft State Park.
Some horses and riders came dressed for the season. Special prizes for the best-dressed horse went to Chris Cannon on Savannah from Moore, S.C. Runners-up were Kelly Cannon on Lady from Moore, S.C. and Amy Gantt on Promise from Seneca, S.C. Honorable mention went to Donna Monagle on Big Guy from Pauline, S.C.
The well-marked route traversed Foster Mill Road to Upper Rocky Ridge across Foster Mill to Memorial Trail to Beechtree Circle across Lake Craig Dam Trail. The mileage was an estimated 6.5 miles.
The many volunteers included Fern Powell; Janice Gelband; Nancy Finkell; Mike Hollifield; Marilyn Hollifield; Brenda Wieland; Jerry and Debbi Guilfoyle; Jaime Robertson; Debra Marshall; Kelly French; Laura and Marah Karas; Lori Merck; Rachel, Tara, Sarah and Hannah Newman; Ashley Goodlett and Gillian. Steve Gelband, Rick Henderson and Bobby Turner all contributed to trail work and marking the trails.
HALTER volunteers also served a lunch of chili with trimmings, drinks and dessert options.
The optimum time for the Field Hunter Division was one hour, 20 minutes. The calculated optimum time for the Trail Rider Division was one hour, 56 minutes and nine seconds.
In the Field Hunter Division there were 16 teams with 29 riders. The Trail Riders Division had 15 teams with 33 riders a total of 31 teams and 62 riders.
Taking home the blue ribbon for the Field Hunter Division was Amy Gantt of Seneca, S.C., with a time of one hour, 20 minutes, 28 seconds. Second place went to the pair of Janice Cyrill and Betty Hill, both of Columbus, with a time of one hour, 20 minutes, 38 seconds. Third place went to Baiba Bourbeau of Tryon and Beatrice Lamb of Columbus, with a time of one hour, 20 minutes, 58 seconds.
In fourth place were Sarah Hendricks of Mills River, N.C. and Brittany Whitmire of Brevard, N.C., with a time of one hour, 21 minutes, five seconds. Fifth place went to Doug McMillan of Belton and Vickie Smith of Inman, S.C., with a time of one hour, 18 minutes, 42 seconds. Sixth place went to Beth Goldizen of Roebuck, S.C., with a time of one hour, 16 minutes, 39 seconds.
Also out to enjoy the jingle and musical clippity clop of hooves were Carol and Caroline Bridges, Christina Chappell, Julie Cook-Walker, Anita Crouse, Jan Ellis, Jan Hayward, Peggy Horton, Patti Lovelace, Anne McIver, Emily Mitchell, Lisa Moore, Andi Nelson, Lindsey Newsom, Thomas Pluemper, Sara Riggins, Isabella Schnittger, Stephanie Schulte and Margaret Clare Summers.
Taking home first place in the Trail Rider Division were Donna Monagle of Pauline, S.C., Sydney Galloway of Spartanburg and Isabel Miles, with a time of one hour 57 minutes, 42 seconds. Second place went to Debra Kennerly and Jennifer Smith, both of Simpsonville, S.C., with a time of one hour, 57 minutes, 45 seconds. Third place went to Marilyn Hollifield of Pauline, S.C. and Brenda Wieland of Inman, S.C., with a time of one hour, 53 minutes, 24 seconds.
Fourth place went to Nancy Finkell of Spartanburg and Jaime Robertson, with a time of one hour, 59 minutes, 18 seconds. Fifth place went to Peggy McMakin of Tryon, with a time of one hour, 52 minutes, 31 seconds.  Sixth place went to a team of five: Tammy and Victoria Bailey of Woodruff, S.C., Chris and Kelly Cannon of Moore, S.C. and Khrystynne Hunsinger of Sutherlin, Va., with a time of one hour, 49, 38 minutes. Honorable mentions go to Janet LeCroy of Anderson, S.C. and Nancy Pickett of Pendleton, S.C., with a time of two hours, two minutes, 45 seconds.
Also participating were Becky Beasley, Karen Brockway, Doug and Nicole Cobb, Susan Fillmore, Katy Giles, Megan Lapkoff, Janet Leatherwood, Lin Martin, Nancy Mason, Susan Melvin, Claire Phillips, Russell and Sally Rock, Jan Smith and Laurel Watson.
Next on the calendar is The Scotsgrove Hunter Pace on Jan. 7 and Biltmore West Range on Jan. 22. Visit WCHPace.org for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information.
Photographer Lou Smith capture the riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields and ride the trails. Click on “Photos” on the website to view pictures.
For information on the Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series, email series coordinator Jan Smith at jan@wchpace.org or wchpace@windstream.net or call her at 828-894-8760.
WCHP series standings as of Dec. 15

After six of the 17 scheduled events of the 2011-12 Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series, the standings are as follows:
Field hunters
1. Brittany Whitmire, 24 series points.
2. Sarah Hendricks, 23 series points.
3. Carolyn and Brian MacCormack, 22 series points a piece.
4. Beth Goldizen, 21 series points.
5. Baiba Bourbeau, Amy Gantt, Beatrice Lamb, Doug McMillan and Marie Solomon, 20 series points a piece.
6. Vickie Smith, 19 series points.
Trail riders
1. Donna Monagle, Lisa Spriggs and Skyler Warren, 18 series points apiece.
2. Nancy Finkell, 17 series points.
3. Sally Rock,14 series points.
4. Victoria Bailey, Kelly Cannon, Tamara Crosby and Bobby, 13 series points.
5. Doug and Nicole Cobb, Amy Cooke and Kristen Pearce, 12 series point.
6. Deanna Baldwin, Joseph Alex Banks, Chris Cannon, Beverly Huntley and Misha Marshall, 11 series points.

– article submitted by Jan Smith

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