Trash vigilante

Published 8:59 am Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To the Editor:
Neighbors, I have a few questions. Have you noticed how roadside garbage is so much more visible in the winter? Have you, like me thought, I wonder why somebody doesn’t pick that up?
So after looking at the same stuff to many times, I took time to pick up the intersection of Howard Gap, Harmon Field, and route 108.
The big question is, who is the garbage vigilante? The person who takes the time to put garbage on a stick?
I imagine a masked person late at night doing this, and perhaps thinking I’ll make those littering people look at their mess. That will show them. What a mystery. I have noticed this happening all around the area.
Why, as a community, are we so tolerant and immune to the daily garbage we pass in our nearly perfect community?
Generally, we should all pitch in and get more offended by the stuff we pass each day. And, of course, those who pitch out should pitch in instead. Don’t let the caped GARVIG see you tossing that garbage. For a few hours, one intersection on the northern gateway to Tryon, between the dead possum  and the dead raccoon, is garbage free.
Get mad at some garbage! Take a purposeful walk. And thanks garbage vigilante, whoever you are.
– Garland Rice, Tryon

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