Pearsons donations

Published 8:37 am Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To the Editor:
On behalf of the Tryon Garden Club, the owners and operators of Pearson’s Falls, I need to solicit your help in showing appreciation to some of our recent visitors to the Glen.
It seems that there have been multiple incidents of visitors who have spontaneously given the gatekeeper donations.
Usually they do so with positive comments regarding the beauty of the setting, the care with which the vegetation is managed, and/or the extent of our ongoing efforts to educate the public regarding the bounty nature has given us.
Donations play an important part in helping us to sustain and grow our educational and maintenance  programs at the falls. In the past year donations have helped provide training for our docents, material for our tree identification program, and labeling in the educational garden among other initiatives.
Unfortunately, we have no record of the names of these donors. We know from the license plates of the departing cars that sometimes they are visitors from out of state, but the vast majority of our visitors have North Carolina plates.
So, we can only surmise that locals as well as out of town guests have been our generous donors.  The garden club officials and members appreciate all those who have supported Pearson’s Falls.
– Jane Templeton
for the Tryon Garden Club

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