In gratitude

Published 2:28 pm Friday, May 27, 2011

There are so many stories both new and ongoing that at times I’m just overwhelmed.

Cosmo. (photo submitted)

Each person and each animal that comes my way feels they are a special case, which of course they are, but I have only so much room in my heart and in my head. This is when I try to find the time to pause and reflect.

Early this morning I went to Saint John’s to have a quiet chat with our Lord. It is not the first time I’ve done this.

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Of course a person can and should pray anywhere, but there is something soothing and humbling to sit alone in a church and have a quiet one on one with the Lord. I am grateful the doors of our church are always open for such times.

For nearly two years I have been dealing with a certain dog absolutely loved by all that met him. I’ve had him in fosters and he’s even been adopted twice, but sooner or later Cosmo would act up. He loved people, and even other animals, but in a home environment he had to be the only dog. A few months ago I had brought him to Dr. Raines at Landrum vet and explained I had simply run out of options for him.

If you know me at all, you must know that it is a decision that does not come lightly to me. I took him for his final walk, tearfully kissed him goodbye and handed him over to the good doctor. But my good friend Donna and Lori Jewell of Pet Tender Angels, refused to give up on him. Lori (who had already placed him once) kept him on her Internet site and Donna held him all this time at her own expense.

I am eternally grateful to these two ladies, for Cosmo was found on the Internet by a single mom and her 14-year-old son. There is a lot more to how all this came about, but today he resides in an ideal home and all are happy, especially Cosmo.

When I went to pick up Snowy at the Upstate Greenville clinic, I brought my checkbook for extra expenses.

Dr. Allen, who had already gone above and beyond, told me the extra four days she was held and all the medicine he sent with her were a gift to my cause. He also iterated that he’d be honored to join my support team and would be there to assist if needed. I am deeply grateful to this wonderful man who puts his heart ahead of his pocketbook.

Snowy is now in the care of the wonderful people at Bonnie Brae, all of whom lovingly dote on her. Her initial fee was minimal and I’m certain that costs were cut on my behalf. Snowy needs about eight weeks of rehab before I place her in an ideal home (and it must be ideal). Doctors Mitchell and Fitch (Angel and Ian) have agreed to board her for free and to charge a mere $5 a day for care and bandages.

My deepest gratitude to my dear friend Randy, who has offered to assist and to Bonnie Brae, all of which have also put their hearts ahead of their pocketbooks.

I am grateful for all who have told me I did the right thing with Snowy, I didn’t receive a single negative item of feedback. And to all who’ve expressed interest in her, especially the dear lady who handed me $40 at the garden fair on her behalf and the person who pledged $200 at Bonnie Brae for Snowy. God willing, we’re on our way back.

Speaking of our Lord, my reason for being at church was to express gratitude for the talents and abilities he has graced me with. I am often humbled by the praise and support I receive for the work I do, but I never lose sight that all honor and glory belongs to Him who makes it all possible.

So, as I left the church, I concluded my prayers the same way I conclude with all of you each week.

I simply said, “Thanks for listening.”