Stirring up moot point

Published 4:53 pm Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To the Editor:
In reply to Commissioner McDermott’s comment about “Why are you trying to stir this up?” And this is concerning the Rails to Trails matter being a “Moot Point.”
Commissioner I must respectfully note the three commissioners who refused to rescind the resolution of support for Rails to Trails are the ones who have as you said, “stirred it up.”
Clearly the point is not moot with that resolution out there in the world.
You above all others know very well that resolution is all that group needs to proceed to federal court within hours of whenever Norfolk Southern should happen to change the status of that rail corridor from active to inactive.
You also are well aware that rail corridor can be bought, sold, traded or leased as a commodity by the railroad which happens to own the rights to it.
That is why rails to reails organization exists!
It exists to change the use of the property known as the rail corridor without any further eminent domain process.
That is why this is stirred up as you say.
Property owners are very, very concerned about that resolution as they should be.
––Max Bradey

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