Spring has sprung

Published 6:03 pm Thursday, March 24, 2011

To the Editor:
We all fear it might be a bit premature, but we will enjoy it while it is here. My daffodils are always an early welcome sign of spring’s arrival and right now they are nearly 10 inches tall, growing by leaps and bounds as fast as our Christmas Amaryllis.
They are going to be crisp, bright and colorful. As I walk around our yard I also see a lot of “pick up,” which the wintery Mother Nature has left on the ground.
She dropped broken branches, dry leaves and maybe she blew a couple papers and plastic bags out of trash cans into the ditches down at the road. With regret I also see some items, like the plastic bags, that are NOT Mother Nature’s responsibility.
I hope that we, here in Tryon, are all aware that it is up to US to pick up those uglies.
Have we relaxed too much over the winter and neglected some of our neighborhoods? Let’s not ignore, or even worse cover up, something in our yards that we should be recycling or trashing.
I understand that Landrum has an ordinance against using the blue plastic in the yard as a permanent installation to be viewed and abhorred by all who pass by. Hooray for Landrum.
I remember an article someone sent into TDB a few years ago. The punch line I recall is “Remember that your backyard may be someone else’s front yard.”
Spring is a good time to look around our front, back and side yards and pick up and put into the trash any broken and useless FIRE HAZARDS. The fire department will be grateful and so will your neighbors and passersby.
Now stand back and enjoy your daffodils. If you don’t have any daffs then keep your eyes open at Cowans’ Hardware.
Jim always has buckets full of daffodils in front of his hardware store. He will have enough to go around for all of us! Happy Springtime to all.
–– Betsy Freeman

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