Drill for oil on our own soil

Published 1:35 pm Thursday, March 17, 2011

To the Editor:
How high does gasoline have to get before the Liberals figure out that drilling for oil on American soil would be good for Americans?
They feign concern for the low-income families, yet they have forced the price of gasoline to cause the devastating choice of buying groceries or gas for many.  For others, they cannot afford to buy the gas to get to their jobs.
If the Democrats would allow drilling for oil in ANWR, the Rocky Mountain region and in huge natural gas fields all around the U.S., we would see a marked decrease in the price of fuel.
We would also be free from buying crude from countries determined to bring about America’s demise and are funding their efforts with our own dollars.
The Liberals keep squawking about the environmental impact that drilling can have on our wildlife. I mean, just look at all the dead birds from the Gulf Oil disaster.
To be sure, that was a sad thing in anybody’s book and yes, the environmental damage also went into the Gulf and marshlands.
But let’s look at the numbers and compare apples to apples.  Cleanup crews collected approximately 6,300 birds that were impacted by the spill. Around 4,370 were dead and about 1,930 were alive but covered in oil. One would think that was a big number. Now let’s compare that with the avian death toll from “green” energy.
At just one windmill power plant in Altamont Pass, Calif., the wind farm’s deadly blades slice 4,700 birds each year, according to the National Audubon Society.
This green power plant wipes out golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, American kestrels and burrowing owls.  Slowing down the turbines drops the number of birds killed, but kills three times as many bats.
Overall, the number of birds killed annually by windmills in the U.S. is a staggering 33,000, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service estimate. That is a wildlife disaster in my book and it happens year after year after year.
Can you imagine the outrage that would be all over the news if an oil spill killed 33,000 birds? Yet, you don’t hear a word from the media about the casualties from the wind turbines.
Political correctness seems to dictate which wildlife disaster facts are relevant.
Let’s get on with tapping our own energy sources and making our nation independent from foreign oil.  It would be good for our economy and would create high paying jobs.
The time is way past due. Drill here. Drill now!
–– Cheryl Every

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