Mom jeans back in style

Published 10:13 am Friday, February 18, 2011

It started as a rumor. Then a ripple.

Then suddenly, photographed on Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes, the pronouncement has been made by the fashion police:

Yes, high-waisted or, snarkily, ‘Mom Jeans,’ are back!

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Well, hallelujah. It’s not even that I missed high-waisted jeans as I’m one who has always preferred a sort of ‘natural waist’ only found in Levi’s, I’m just euphoric that this may signal the death knell of the low rise jeans.

Now, I certainly wore the low-rise or, ‘hip huggers,’ as they were known when I was in junior high, but we were skinny kids with hips the size as any 12 year old boy’s.

They were audacious and because we bowed to the fashion altar that was Laurie Partridge and puka beads we simply had to have them.

When low-rise jeans came flooding back in the last few years, the average American figure had changed dramatically. What made it worse was that one couldn’t find any other style of jeans to buy!

So, millions of young women, and several ill-advised older women who were not a size 4, were forced to zip themselves into an item of clothing that made them look like (and this isn’t the first time I’ve said this) someone had just busted open a can of biscuits.

And many of these jeans were beyond low-rise. Some were downright vulgar. Who wants to run down to the Bi-Lo to pick up a gallon of milk looking like the Whore of Babylon?

I guess it comes with age, but it took me a long time to learn that just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean I have to buy it. And there’s a huge difference between fashion and style. Style is unchanging. Style is quality tweed jackets, cashmere sweaters and summery linen skirts. Fashion is skinny tank tops purposely revealing black bra straps and baggy pants that show your underwear and low-rise jeans.

The return of the ‘Mom Jean’ heralds common sense and, above all, comfort. If one is slim and trim one can tuck in their shirt and if one just lost all sense of self discipline at The Golden Corral, they can easily leave that shirt out to drape and hide a multitude of sins.

In a few years this same woman may have to consider the dreaded elastic waist along with a tight perm, but for now, she can step into her trusted Mom jeans and feel both comfy and chic. Best yet, there are skinny and wide leg designs being offered – an added bonus depending on the size of your hips and derrier.

So I beg all women: vote with your pocketbooks and tell designers that these are the styles you want. Otherwise, they’ll stop being manufactured. And for all you young gals out there rolling your eyes, think how cool they’ll look with a satiny ‘Chloe’ top and a cinched belt, butterscotch high heels and a Gucci clutch. Tres chic.

In the meantime, I’ll be waiting to see which way the fashion winds blow. In my sweats and “Who Shot JR?” T-shirt.

Comedienne Pam Stone writes her column for The Tryon Daily Bulletin twice each month from her office at her home in Gowensville. Want a chance to respond to this column? Go to Pam’s blog at