There’s royalty in the house

Published 2:00 pm Monday, January 31, 2011

Sergio (photo submitted)

He came to us on the 17th of January.

He was found in the bitter cold, underweight, dirty and dragging a chain.

He has hook and whip worms, which are currently being treated and we estimate his age to be between 4 and 5 years old.

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I have spent a considerable amount of time with this boy for there is a quiet dignity about him that stirs me. Sergio is an Ibanzan hound, pronounced Ibeesan, whose lineage dates back nearly 4,000 years.

He is a Spanish hunting breed (a sight hound) known for his exceptional speed and jumping ability.

This breed is quite rare in the United States and it baffles me how someone can allow such a noble animal to deteriorate in such a manner. On his special diet he is beginning to fill out nicely.

When I walk him, feed him or just sit in the cage with him, he throws off an aura that he is deigning me permission to handle him.

After a few moments, he becomes warm and loving because underneath it all, he is just a dog – don’t tell him I said that.

When I greet Sergio, I give him a slight bow and exclaim, “Your majesty, how are we doing today?”

Sergio looks back at me with a gleam in his eyes, knowing that good things happen when Uncle Lennie is about.

There is one thing about this breed that is synonymous with all hounds, they are fiercely loyal once they give up the trust.

Unfortunately, where Sergio is concerned, he’ll give it up to anyone, especially if they have food or treats. He’s sort of fickle I guess but I don’t have the nerve to tell “His majesty” that to his face.

Seriously, if you decide to take this magnificent animal home, please make sure he never, ever loses the dignity that is his heritage.

I can assure you he will give back all the love and loyalty that’s within him, after all, Sergio has nearly 4,000 years of practice along those lines.

Thanks for listening.