A lesson learned

Published 5:09 pm Friday, November 19, 2010

Im quietly sitting in my favorite chair with a book in my lap and a pen and pad on the table beside me. Part of me is reading, part of me is praying, as I occasionally jot down a thought or two that comes to mind.

Im currently juggling too many dogs and Im having problems following their progress and placing them. My funds are low but a fundraiser is coming up and Ill be all right for a while. Things always work out because I have so many wonderful people assisting me, but at the moment my lower back is acting up again and Im feeling sorry for myself.

The phone rings and I send a silent prayer, Please let it be for Elaine.

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My wife brings me the phone, Its Judy Davis she needs to speak with you.

Judy is a straightforward, no nonsense person that I hold in high esteem. She knows and loves animals and would not be calling me with something frivolous.

Hi, Judy, dear, what can I do for you?

She tells me of a little female pit bull that has been roaming near her property; she crawled under barbed wire and scratched her head and backside.

The Humane Society is full and I cant find her owner, she went on.

Is she all right? I ask.

Shes beautiful, Lennie, and so sweet but she has some sort of rash on her underside. I cant afford her right now can you help?

Take her down to Landrum vet in the morning and tell them to bill Lennies fund. Ill call and confirm it and stop by to see her tomorrow after work. &bsp;

Thanks, Lennie, for this and all you do.

One more thing, dear. Im overloaded at the moment Ill see to all her needs but Im going to leave her in your name. Please help in any way you can, especially in finding her a home.

Elaine takes the phone with a big smile on her face.

Whats so funny? I ask.

Nothing, she replies, walking away, shaking her head. This makes me smile my dear wife knows me better than I know myself.

The next day after work I head up to Dogwood Farms to check on Cosmo, Caruso and Falcon, three big beauties being cared for there.&bsp; Josh is a valued lifeline who does wonders with these animals.

I next head over to Landrum vet to look in on Tiny, who is now being trained by Kayla Parrish and Leo, one of my heartworm kids whos being held until room opens up back at F.H.S.

After checking these two I head towards the pit bull Judy brought in earlier. Im a bit weary and my heart isnt in it. Ive a few more stops to make and then I want to head home for a shower and a nap.

Dr. Raines tells me she has hookworm and they believe the rash is an allergy. Both she and Elaine, her staff leader, follow me to her cage. I view this beautiful little girl who is all white with brown patches. She looks up at me with soulful eyes and her tail thumping. I open the cage and sit in with her as Elaine and Donna look on.

How far do you want us to go with her? Elaine asks.

Give her whatever she needs, I reply, knowing these two ladies will do just that and keep my fees as low as possible. &bsp;

I pull a leash from&bsp; my pocket and take her outside for a walk.&bsp; Except for stopping to relieve herself, she walks glued to my leg. I bring her inside and sit down, intending to give her some love and assurance. She proceeds to lay her head in my lap and looks up at me with all the hope, love and trust she could muster.&bsp; Immediately all the weariness and doubt wash away from me and the flood gates open as tears fall uncontrollably down my cheeks.

I get the message, Lord, I pray. Who am I to look at anyone of Your beautiful creatures and think its just another dog that I may or may not have time for. Where would we be if You treated us in such a manner?&bsp; Please forgive me, Lord, I have faith that Youll help me find a way as You always do.

This sweet girl is approximately one year old and they have named her Trixie, though I prefer Patches. On second thought I believe I know who sent her to me and why perhaps the name Angel is more appropriate.

Thanks for listening.