Book Review: Lost Rights by David Howard

Published 3:09 pm Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you enjoy a true story that includes history, mystery, and intrigue this is the book for you. It traces a stolen original Bill of Rights epic passage over 138 years. Plundered from North Carolina during the Civil War, it moves from an Indiana family through the fascinating world of both antiques and&bsp; rare documents.

It details some of the unscrupulous practices in these areas and the necessary steps to verify the authenticity of a true original document. Finally, it describes a fascinating FBI sting that traps several shady dealers playing for high stakes. The book ends with the return of the document to its rightful owner, the state of North Carolina.

In addition to the details of the documents journey, it points out the poor practices of various state archivists, and the little attention that many state administrations have given to preservation of key historical documents.

The author has successfully combined history and a crime story into an intriguing, entertaining and educational book.

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