Polk County sheriff debate Oct. 14

Published 2:34 pm Monday, October 11, 2010

The 9.12 Project of Polk County North Carolina, a non-partisan group, announces that a sheriff debate will be held on October 14 at 6:30 p.m., on the second floor of the Womack Building. 9.12 organizer Debbie Arceneaux has contacted incumbent Sheriff Donald Hill and candidate Nathan Shields. Both agreed to the debate saying they looked forward to informing the citizens of Polk County about their platforms.

This debate is important, since the sheriffs office holds the safety and security of our citizens. Arceneaux says, Most people do not realize the power the sheriff has with county, state or federal law this is a very important decision.

Arceneaux also made it clear that the organization is just hosting the event. We have set the platform for the debate, we have asked the candidates to give us ideas on questions, and we have a moderator not associated with any political group. I believe we have done everything possible to ensure this is non-partisan, she said.

Arceneaux would not comment on the individual candidates, because my political stance is not important here. She went on to say, I really like both candidates. The sheriff is approachable as is Nathan Shields. I hope both have ideas in their platform that support the wants and needs of the citizens in Polk County.

The elections for a mid-term seem charged, organizers say. Both parties are hitting hard to get voters out to events and hopefully the polls. The 9.12 Project organizers believe the framers of our country gave us very important rights, the right to free speech, the right to defend ourselves and the right to be free. They say they are hopeful that the citizens of Polk County will not be complacent and will attend forums and meet and greets most importantly, vote.