A simple tale

Published 3:24 pm Friday, September 24, 2010

Molly was brought to my attention by Dr. Magsino at Cloverfield vet in Green Creek.&bsp; Maria (Dr. Magsino) is one of the kindest people I know and I trust her judgment implicitly.&bsp; There are many cases such as Mollys that I handle but do not write about, but make no mistake, to her owners, she is a very special case.&bsp; Besides, I promised.

Molly is a little black Cocker Spaniel, 3 years of age and is the cutest and sweetest little girl youll ever meet.&bsp; Mollys stomach was full of fluids and she needed tests, medicine and perhaps surgery to find out the cause.&bsp; Cockers are one of my favorite little dogs, theres something about their beauty and demeanor that grabs my heart, as you know by now that isnt hard to do.&bsp; When I first met Molly, she proved to be all the things I love about the breed and more.&bsp; She looked at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and her little tail wagging, Are you going to help me, Uncle Lennie?&bsp; You bet, little lady, you stay a good girl for the doctor and youll be home with your family in no time.

Maria and I negotiated the bill for Molly, she would give me whatever discounts she could, as all the wonderful vets do for me.&bsp; The formula is simple and straight forward, the more money I save, the more animals I can help.

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Mollys owners (bless them) put up $100 and I paid the rest the next day when the bill came due.

A few days ago I received a kind letter from Mollys owners informing me that she was home and doing wonderfully and also thanking me for my help.&bsp; Ill give them my answer here and now.&bsp; Youre all very welcome, it was an honor and a joy to meet Molly and I pray that youll enjoy her company for many years to come.

Id like to take this time to pay tribute to four great ladies for the care and support theyve given me through the years.&bsp; Besides being wonderful veterinarians, I count each one as a dear friend.&bsp; Before I go on, to Ian, Tommy and all their supportive husbands, I know youre there also but lets face it, the ladies hug better than you do.

So heres to you, Donna at Landrum vet, Angel at Bonnie Brae, Jennifer at Gods Creatures and of course, Maria at Cloverfield: I cant thank you all enough for always being there for me and my kids.&bsp; In many ways, I wouldnt be here if you werent there.

Thanks for listening