People on weight programs often have diet saboteurs

Published 3:07 pm Friday, August 27, 2010

Most of my clients came to me to help them lose weight.

One more thing most of my clients have in common is they all seem to have someone in their lives who constantly throws a monkey wrench into their weight loss programs. I call these people, Diet Saboteurs.

Funny thing is, most of these saboteurs are the very people who are closest to my clients. It could be a spouse, best friend, sibling, or even a parent. Think about it. Ever been on a diet, only to have your best friend say something like this Oh, go ahead and have that enormous piece of chocolate cake, youve been really good this week?

In fact, in one survey, 24,000 overweight women reported that their weight loss created problems in their relationships that regaining weight would have solved. Now Im not saying that your loved ones would spitefully undermine your diet program. What I am suggesting is your friends and relatives may not even realize theyre sabotaging you.

Here are a few reasons that our friends and family members sometimes sabotage our healthy eating plans.

1) They dont understand. Sometimes loved ones (often spouses) who have never had a weight problem, dont know why you just cant go back to normal eating. They also figure youve made them suffer enough, with your new habits.

2) They feel guilty. When you start to succeed on a weight loss eating regime, your friends may sometimes feel that you think that they should lose weight too. They may try to tease you back to your former eating patterns, to take the pressure off them.

3) They miss the pleasurable experiences the two of you have had with food. They may just miss the good ole days, when the two of you would go out for that pizza every weekend.

What I explain to my clients is thiswhen it comes to dealing with these diet saboteurs, be firm with them, but dont take a hard line. In other words, dont get real upset, when explaining your position with regards to your diet routine.

Remember, anything&bsp; thats happening around you when you are in an emotional state gets linked up in your nervous system. If youre furious with a friend or family member, while youre trying to diet, youll soon begin to associate negative emotions to eating better, and then youll sabotage yourself.

Also, I require that most of my clients write down what they eat. Not on loose leaf paper, but in a journal. This helps keep them accountable, and keeps them on track.

Lastly, surround yourself with supportive people. People who will encourage you, while still holding you accountable.

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David Crocker of Landrum has served as strength director of the Spartanburg Y.M.C.A., strength coach, S.C. state champion girls gymnastic team, USC-Spartanburg baseball team, and Converse college equestrian team. He taught four semesters at USC-Union. David is also a regular guest of the Pam Stone Show. David also served as lead trainer to L.H.Fields Modeling Agency.