Is it my turn?

Published 3:14 pm Friday, July 2, 2010

Toward the end of May, we received an owner turn in two sweet dogs, Shiloh and Roscoe.

Shiloh was a Golden mix and Roscoe, a Shepherd mix. These dogs had been chasing cats and the neighbors were complaining, hence they arrived at our doorstep. Ive often spoke of the many different reasons dogs come to us. &bsp;

Each of these animals were approximately 4 years old and had been together since puppyhood.&bsp; Outside of this one problem, they seemed to be sweet and well mannered.&bsp; They were put through a bank of behavioral tests and passed with flying colors, once they understood what was expected of them. &bsp;

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Shiloh, the Golden mix, was adopted via the internet and is now residing in Colorado, which leaves my boy Roscoe, the Shepherd mix.

Roscoe absolutely loves attention and moans for it each time you pass his cage. I so enjoy going in with him or taking him for walks because he showers you with affection in appreciation of the time given him.

I learned that he was high heartworm positive and I became interested in taking him on as one of my kids.

After reading his file, I spoke to Kayla (our evaluator) and asked about the cat situation.&bsp; Ive had him in among the cats and he doesnt show any interest in them at all.&bsp; Outside with other dogs, she went on, hes quick to learn whats expected and behaves accordingly.&bsp; Thanks, Kayla, I think Im going to use my fund to get him boarded at Landrum vet and begin his heartworm treatment.&bsp; Kayla gave me a smile of approval which told me two things, she agreed we should start his heartworm treatment and that she also liked Roscoe.

I went down to his cage and went in to sit with him.&bsp; He immediately came over and buried his head in my chest as I rubbed him up with affection.&bsp; Roscoe, I said, were going to move you to a new place for&bsp; a little while so we can give you medicine to make you all better.&bsp; Is it like here, Uncle Lennie?&bsp; Not quite the same Roscoe, but theyre nice people who will care for you and see that youre walked every day.&bsp; Will you come and visit Uncle Lennie?&bsp; I tearfully kissed him between the eyes, You bet my friend, and maybe soon well find you a new forever home with people who love you as much as I do.

Roscoe is now down at Landrum vet and his heartworm treatments have begun.&bsp; I visit both he and my Brindle Boxer, Bowser, everyday to reassure them that I wont forget them.

If you are interested in either of these boys, please contact F.H.S, or Landrum vet and Ill be glad to meet up with you to show you what these boys are all about.

As an aside, Ill never stop marveling at these glorious creatures who maintain so much love in their hearts no matter what theyve been through.&bsp; I wish more people would be like that.

Thanks for listening.