60 years… A love story

Published 8:29 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the Editor:

Recently, on a bright sunny day, beside a beautiful lake, surrounded by 200 of their closest friends, a couple vowed their undying love for one another….just like they had done for the past 60 years.&bsp; It was a simple yet elegant ceremony, and the woman was radiant in her white dress and dazzling smile.&bsp; As the couple gazed into each others eyes, you could sense the sheer adoration in their hearts for one another.

On June 10, 1950, they first became man and wife.&bsp; It was a story-book wedding, a double wedding, with two of their best friends, who, sadly, both passed away last year.&bsp; The fond memories of that double wedding will always be there, as will all the memories that have been made since that day.

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Coach Bill and Margie Metcalf have two wonderful children, along with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.&bsp; Throughout their lives together, they seemed to have a magnetic pull toward people, as we witnessed at this great event.&bsp; There were those who had driven many miles just to help these two people celebrate this very important milestone in their lives. &bsp;

My first encounter with Coach was when I was a cocky freshman at Tryon High School.&bsp; At the time, he coached the girls basketball team and I walked into the gym at the end of a practice one day (girls practice sessions were closed to boys). As I walked to center court, I picked up a ball and whooshed it in.&bsp; I heard his booming voice beside me telling me how lucky I was.&bsp; He became my football, basketball and baseball coach in my junior year in high school.

Coach Bill and Margie opened their home to young people.&bsp; They not only fed us meals, but taught us life lessons that could not be taught in the gym.&bsp; They led, not by precept only, but by example.&bsp; We saw the love they had for one another, for their children and for all the young people they encountered.&bsp; They instilled in their children the fact that you always give more than you receive.&bsp; A good dose of humor was sprinkled into difficult situations, and Margie always had a knack for knowing how to make things better. They have always known they were a team, each one complementing the other and making each other stronger.&bsp; They became two of the most respected and admired people in Polk County at that time, and we truly missed them when they moved on. &bsp;

As I stood and watched them renew their vows to one another and to their Heavenly Father, I recalled the 52 years that I have known them and the privilege I have had of being a small part of their lives.&bsp; No doubt each one present had many special memories they were recalling at that moment.&bsp; I would only wish these two wonderful people 60 more years together.

Tommy Melton