In the ring

Published 3:24 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

I was recently in Sevilla, Spain, visiting a friend. She knows I like weird, crazy and altogether out-there stuff so she booked us a couple of tickets to see a bullfight.

To answer your first question:&bsp; Yes, they still have bullfights in Spain. To answer your second question:&bsp; Yes, they are insane.

The Spanish treat Bullfight Day just as Kentuckians treat Derby Day everybody goes to the stadium dressed in their Sunday Best, sporting suits, ties, sundresses, et al.&bsp; And when I say everybody, I mean everybody.

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You will soon learn why this is profoundly messed-up.&bsp; Now, Im fairly certain that theres a Visa commercial in which a bullfight is depicted.&bsp; The bullfighter is graceful, dodging the bull who, even though he looks pretty angry right now, is surely good-natured and does this sort of thing all the time.

That is not real life.

Real bullfights work kind of like rock concerts there are several fights per event, each by a different fighter mixing it up with a different bull, the size and skill level of each corresponding.

The bullfight begins with a moment of silence, and then the bull is led into the ring.&bsp; He is applauded.

Then five people immediately start stabbing him with sticks.

The bull is led around the ring chasing, not one, but five bullfighters who alternate waving their little red capes around and seeing if the bull charges at them.&bsp; Inevitably, the bull gets tricked into charging, and then he gets stuck with a pointy stick.&bsp; This process goes on for thirty minutes or so, when the bull is seemingly on his last legs. Thats when the single bullfighter gets in the ring.&bsp; He prances around for a bit, trying to rile the bull whos really had enough at this point into charging again. He does this a few times and then stabs the bull with a sword.

The crowd then goes bananas, and then some lackey goes and scrambles the bulls brains just to rub it into the bull that theyve just killed it, and then they parade the bull around the entire stadium just to rub it in a bit more.

Knowing that this process was to go on for five more bulls, my friend and I excused ourselves to go eat dinner.

Dont worry, we ate vegetarian.