Tryon looks to sell ‘missing 40’

Published 3:50 pm Monday, May 24, 2010

The Town of Tryon has been offered $1,000 from the Tryon Garden Club to purchase what is referred to as the “missing 40” acres adjacent to Pearson Falls.
Tryon Town Council met Tuesday and spoke with the Garden Clubs Jerry Soderquist.
The town last month approved an intent to lease the 40 acres to the Saluda Community Land Trust in order to create a trail along the Pacolet River. The Saluda Community Land Trust has also expressed interest in purchasing the property.
Council directed staff to meet with both parties to come up with a solution. Soderquist said the garden club will be glad to work with the Saluda Land Trust, but doesnt think its feasible to lease the entire 40 acres.
The property is not buildable and is on very steep slopes.
Tryon approved the intent to lease the property last month, but said then that it would like to sell the property.
About 12 acres of the property is in Henderson County. If the town would have approved the lease and then sold the property, the lease would go with the deed.
“We have a common goal and that is to preserve the property as is,” Soderquist said.
If both parties cant come to an agreement, the town could go through the process of doing upset bids for the property, a sealed bid process or put the property up for public auction.

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