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Published 3:30 pm Friday, April 16, 2010

Im such a worrywart, Ive spent the last month fretting over animals under my purview. I listed some last week in A friendly chat, hoping I could pique someones interest. Thursday afternoon I was invited to speak at the Rotary to tell of my mission, what it entails and how I began this journey. I was received warmly by this wonderful and giving organization. Of course bringing Dana Mayer and Champ, the therapy dog, to talk about PoKitties helped a lot.

Thursday evening I found out that Hugo, my white American Bulldog, a Pitt breed, from my column titled White Christmas, has found the perfect home in Virginia. Meanwhile hes up at Dogwood Farms with my good young friend Josh, having the time of his life under his tutorage. When I visited Friday after work he jumped off of all fours in greeting me. I was hard pressed to hold back the tears. Much thanks to everyone who put up with me as I fought on his behalf. Especially to Dot and Dana, who I keep on eggshells with my emotional outbursts.

I also learned that Babe from my column Babe in the woods made it back to her owner. In this instance I was delighted to be proven wrong and I pray the little girl is happy and secure back at home. That still leaves me with Cane, Cosmo and Lorelei, three wonderful animals not to mention a myriad of others I havent written about.

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Cane is at the Humane Society with Ned, his little cage mate, while Lorelei and Cosmo are at foster homes. I constantly receive word that theyre doing just fine and I visit as often as possible.

On Friday morning I arrived at Foothills Humane Society in high spirits. I just took Cane for a walk and upon returning I checked over the board to see new arrivals and the state of the animals. As usual, the board was full but a new arrival (Jacob) caught my eye. All the board revealed was that he was a Boxer/Saint Bernard mix so I quickly pulled up his file. The file read, male, 2 to 3 year old, stray turn in found on Chesnee Road, low heartworm positive (which can be treated successfully in a young healthy dog like Jacob).

Jacob was down below in our new isolation area so before I began anything else I grabbed the inspection sheet, signed my name to it and went down below to feed the dogs in isolation. I had to meet this boy. I greeted all the others as I fed and made my way to Jacob. Upon seeing him, my heart lodged in my throat, he was magnificent. He must have noticed my excitement and began the Boxer dance of joy.

Hi, Uncle Lennie, he said, the other dogs told me youd be by.

Ive got lots to do, big fella, I replied, but Ill be back later to spend some time.

Ill be here, he said, acting as if he didnt have a care in the world.

The busy morning went by rapidly as I let as many dogs out for runs as I could between taking care of my duties. Jacob was saved for last because I wanted special one on one time with him. I was like an excited child who was getting a chance to play with a new toy for the first time. After all chores were done I checked with the rest of the staff to see if they needed any help with their chores. All was well so I clocked out and went down for some personal time with Jacob.

When I reached his cage he was wiggling with excitement. When I opened the gate I expected him to take off for a run in the enclosed area weve&bsp; built for these dogs. Instead he stayed right by me only wanting attention. I got down on one knee and began hugging him and he gave out the soft mmph-mmph sound of contentment. Eventually he got the idea and began to run, play and do his business but he always stayed in proximity to me.

I was a bit tired so I sat down a while before returning him, wanting to give him a free run, but hed have none of it. He came by my chair, put his paws on my lap and began to thoroughly wash my face.

Jacob, I said, why are you so happy? Youre in a shelter and it will take a lot of work to find you a forever home.

I cant help it, Uncle Lennie, he replied, its just my nature. I love life.

If theres a space in your heart that can use some love, joy and loyalty, come and visit Jacob, hell gladly fill it. In the meantime I intend to grab as much of it for myself as I can.

Thanks for listening.