Robin Hood or Prince John

Published 1:45 pm Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To the Editor:

I recently had a conversation with a sweet older lady who is a supporter to my cause. &bsp;

She is a tiny little thing with a heart twice as big as her body. Usually when we speak its about her little dog or how things are going with the cases Im working on. &bsp;

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She is a strong supporter of Barack Obama and thinks the world of our president. I&bsp; avoid speaking politics with her, not because I fear losing her support but because I think the world of her and do not wish to be contentious on the subject. &bsp;

Shell extol one virtue after another and Ill smile and nod though I know she is anxious to illicit a response from me. Recently she made a statement that against my better judgement loosed my tongue.

With a twinkle in her eye she exclaimed, Barack is my Robin Hood. My dear (name withheld) I would think it is time you review the story of Robin Hood. The people were overtaxed and the money went into the government coffers to be used as they saw fit and the people didnt have any say about it. &bsp;

Robin Hood stole from the government and gave it back to the people. If you watch it again, youll see that Barack Obama is less like Robin Hood and more like Prince John. &bsp;

With this she patted my cheek and replied, Leonard my friend, someday youll learn. &bsp;

I smiled at this sweet lady who is an incurable romantic, how can you not love her.

Leonard Rizzo