Why I do it

Published 3:04 pm Friday, March 26, 2010

Im often asked if I ever get weary of doing what I do. To be honest, at times I do feel overwhelmed by it all, not so much because Im tired, but more figuring out how I can make things work out. I spend half of my time fundraising in one form or another and the other half searching for the most optimal solution for my kids who are in some sort of trouble. In between I check up on their condition, visit my support system to see where they can help and answer phone calls and emails as best as I can.

So the answer to the question is that I receive great joy and satisfaction knowing that in some small way I helped place a troubled animal in a forever home.

In the spring of 2008 Cosmo was found at the Quality Food Market in Greer. He was approximately nine months old and seemed in excellent health. Cosmo is a lab pit mix who is called by the nickname Wiggles by all who know him. He didnt have a collar, so Andrea who found him, did all she could to see if he had an owner. She then brought him home, where he became a companion to her little female Corgi mix.

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In the next two years, Andrea saw that Cosmo received all his shots, heartworm and flea medicine as needed. Im in possession of all the paperwork to prove it. He also has a microchip that can be activated by a simple phone call.

In the two years after he was found Cosmo has visited and played with neighbors dogs, been often to the dog park and had special people who would feed him when he came by. He was the neighborhood ambassador and all who knew him loved him, especially Andrea and her little Corgi mix, who uses his ears as a chew toy. However, one neighbor whose dog Cosmo used to play with began taking photos and reported Andrea to Greenville Animal Control. After a warning Andrea kept Cosmo inside her horse fence but he dug under and went visiting again. This time Andrea was fined $400 it was that or ten days in jail.

I received the phone call from a frantic Andrea two weeks ago.

What was that? my wife Elaine asked.

I have to see a lady and a dog tomorrow, I replied as I began making calls to rearrange my schedule. I also called my friends Cynthia and Ray to see if they had room for a foster if needed. They agreed to come down and meet Cosmo with me.

I then called Randy Grobe and asked if hed open his pipeline for a great dog that needs a home. We spoke a few minutes and he agreed to help. The next day I visited Cosmo and Andrea alone before seeing Ray and Cynthia. I wanted to see if all I had heard about him was true.

When I met Cosmo he lived up to his nickname, Wiggles. He even rolled over for a tummy rub.

The only thing he loves more than dogs is people, Andrea said.

Of course for me it was love at first sight. What a beautiful boy, I exclaimed as I hugged and kissed him.

I also have two cats and hes good with them too, Andrea pressed. Seeing how she loved and cared for him I offered her training for the second time. She once again reiterated she couldnt afford the stress or the money if another incident occurred. All she prayed for is that he finds a good home.

Today Cosmo is doing wonderfully in his temporary foster home with all his new friends. I have visited him a few times as has Andrea and Im certain that hell make some family a wonderful companion.

Randy and I are easily reached and I will gladly retrieve this sweet boy for anyone who desires meeting him.

Thanks for listening.