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Rap, poem are winners of Martin Luther King Student Contest

The following are the winners of the Martin Luther King Student Contest. Pamela Wease of Polk County High School won 2nd prize with her original rap and Tyler Toomey of Polk Virtual Early College/Polk County High School won 1st prize with his original poem, Dreamscape Equality.

Martin Luther King

an original rap by Pam Wease

Martin Luther King, yeah, he had a dream

About the blacks and whites becoming a team.

They took the beatings & they took the judging.

They hated the fists, and all of the shoving.

Martin was the king, who never gave up.

He brought us all to freedom, now thats whats up.

He always had an answer, before we asked the question

It was never violence, at least thats his suggestion.

Some when to jail, and some died.

Thanks Martin Luther, all the kids cried.

We will always remember, Martin Luther King.

We all have freedom because of one dream.

Dreamscape Equality

Tyler Toomey, Polk VEC

When the sun rises, it rises for everyone.

November 4th, here it is.

I can feel this monumental moment

I can feel the change rolling in

How different the future looks with hope inside the white house

I am honored to live in this era, this significant mark of history

Our future must be a door we all can walk through

What makes us human is the acknowledgement of a universal humanity

I am not asking for special treatment, just the dream Dr. King dreamt,

That we are all created equal

Meaning every right for every resident

Equality has to be more than a word we apply theoretically

It has to become practice, living, a way of changing the world

The halls of freedom beckon to all those who choose to hear


is the way of humanity

the way of growth

Equality has to be more than only wrote

It has to become breath

It has to be more than just dreams

It has to become repetition

It has to be a right

It has to be a light in which we all can run to

It has to be what we say

what we believe

what we chant!

What we want

is Equality

is Equality

is Equality.

I will not stand by and watch our rights be stripped away

Yesterday we voted for change

Its time.

Its time to be what we elected.