You dont do our bidding, we will show you the door

Published 6:38 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To the Editor:

It looks like the people have spoken as evidenced in Massachusetts. Apparently people are getting tired of being the downtrodden and are starting to speak up against these little agendas that the government is setting up and trying to force us to accept. Why is it that when the great white fathers in Washington find something that needs repairs they want to completely overhaul the whole system instead of trying to fix the part thats broken? Such as health care.

Now the president wants to cut medicare by $500 billion. Thats half a trillion to help finance this boondoggle. It seems to me were going backwards. He want to cut health care to finance health care? Uh. Say what?

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Dennis the Menace once said, the hurrier I go, the behinder I get. He must now work for the government because everytime they take a step forward they slide back two.

I bet the democrats and the republicans are walking on eggshells right now afraid to open their mouths about anything. Except Nancy Pelosi. Shes off somewhere getting another facelift. Shes already had more than Michael Jackson.

Mid-term elections are coming up this Fall. I think its time for the American people to talk some more. So lets all head to the polls and pass out some pink slips. Let show them who the boss is. We the people.

Of course we still have some politicians sitting around mumbling how great this nation could be if it werent for these pesky American people trying to run things. What do they think this is? A nation of the people or something?

Hey turkey. Thats the whole gist of the matter. You dont do our bidding, we show you the door.

God bless America.

Wayne Bibrey