Making people aware

Published 6:16 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To save the Blue Ridge Barbecue & Music Festival, All we had to do was make people aware, Carolina Foothills Chamber of Commerce president Andy Millard said last week.

No formal campaign was run. The community rallied after reading about the rainy day pledge fund drive in the Tryon Daily Bulletin. An inital pledge drive story got the ball rolling, Millard said, and a second explaining the pledge mechanics got the job done. By last week, the chamber had nearly $90,000 pledged.

The fact that the TDB exists is a reflection of an active, civic, bright, engaged and compassionate community going back over 80 years. But it is also true that active, engaged community has always relied on the Bulletin to perpetuate itself.

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The Bulletin has always been as much a community newsletter as it is a traditional newspaper. It serves some 180 clubs and organizations, helps them run their events and engage the community to accomplish their missions. In just the past few days, active caring citizens in the community have used the TDB to make people aware of ways to give for Haiti, to get a soccer league started, to save unwanted pets lives, to learn to play bridge, opportunities to help put cash in the coffers at a community center in Stony Knoll, to support the arts and nurture area youth.

The list goes on and on, every day. For decades, into the present day, newcomers have been encouraged to subscribe before unpacking, so they can learn how this community works and quickly become assimilated.

Of course, the TDB is also committed to informing readers of the news of the day, including the work and expenditures of our local governments at all levels. When issues arise, our columns light up with letters from concerned citizens.

Its like Andy said: the key is awareness. We can achieve, overcome anything, if we care enough to stay aware and work together. To do that well, here, in this one place and time, you have to read the Bulletin. JB