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Ronnie’s Review: Pieces of high standards at Tryon Painters and Sculptors Teachers Show

I have just seen a wonderful show at the Tryon Fine Arts Centers (TFAC) Gallery One and I hope people whove never seen an art gallery will see this one! The Show is the Tryon Painters & Sculptors (TPS) Teachers Show. It has pieces of such high standards that you feel like youre in Atlanta or a New York Gallery and not in a small town nestled in a valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The twilight lighting in Dick Neffs painting To Fetch His Poor Dog a Bone lets you know its getting toward the end of the day and the old man and his dog and the old barn cast their spells. September is a painting by Bill Ryan with its winding country lane between warm tall grasses carrying the eye to far distant mountains that show how beautiful they can be in a distant haze. It makes you appreciate where we live here in Polk County.

Harris Fortiers sculpture of the animal rising out of the magnificent driftwood, was inspiring. The catlike creature is looking up seemingly with high aspirations.

Rich Nelsons painting of St. Simon Storm captures the atmosphere of a rainstorm seen in the distance across the marshes of the sea islands of lower South Carolina. Richs other portrait entitled, Kim was backlit with wonderful illuminosity and makes one appreciate Gods creations in the fall colors.

Dom Ferrullos abstract painting The Magical Journey suggests motion, rhythms and its impression of the terrazzo designs of Rome. Also, his Lifes Journey is very dramatic with a beautiful balance of colors. Pat Ferrullos two delightful abstractions: Incoming Tide and Sunscreen made me want to go to the beach.

Mike McCarthys landscapes were painted with freedom and he was able to create a spacious ambience.

There are so many wonderful pieces that space does not permit me to honor them all, but when you see these works of art with their strikingly beautiful colors and forms, it helps you see nature with new eyes. So, if you want to let go of the outside worlds stress and enter into the serenity of an art gallery, come see this show in Gallery One.

In the next few days Ill give a report on the delightful pieces in the Picasso Contest shown in the Mahler Board Room next to Gallery One. This show was inspired by Picassos Blue and Cubist periods. Half of the pieces are from local students and half are the work of local area artists. There were first, second, and third place prizes as juried by Pat and Dom Ferullo. Remember these two shows are free!