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Water could start fowing in new Saluda/Tryon line by late summer

Customers on the new Saluda/Tryon water line can now hook up at reduced costs.
Tryon Town Council met last week and approved reduced tap fees for customers on a new water line being constructed to connect the town systems of Saluda and Tryon.
Tryon officials also announced water should be flowing in the new water line by late summer or early fall of this year.
Tryon Town Manager Justin Hembree said he has been asked by a potential customer if any deals will be offered during construction of the line.
Hembree said he estimates only about seven to eight customers on the Tryon side of the line.
The reduced tap fees for the Tryon side of the line include $1,120 for a 3/4 inch water tap. Currently the tap fee for a 3/4 inch is $1,400 for outside customers. The reduced fee for a one inch water tap is $1,288. The current fee for a one-inch water tap for outside customers is $2,050.
The reduced fees are based on the actual costs it will take the town to install the taps.
Tryon is giving the reduced rate through June 30 of this year. Saludas reduced rate was not determined, but will be offered as the construction goes by households.
Customers on the Saluda side of the line have also been offered a reduced tap fee, at $400 for a 3/4 inch tap. Those costs only include the tap and not the meter fee for Saluda.
The towns of Columbus, Saluda and Tryon received grants to construct a water line between Tryon and Saluda along Howard Gap Road to connect all three municipal systems for back-up and emergency situations.
The towns shared a $1.73 million grant from the N.C. Rural Center last year as well as a $300,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission for the emergency water project. Each town is financing a third of a $1.43 million North Carolina Drinking Water State Revolving Fund no interest loan as its share of the grant.
The grant also paid for a reverse valve for Columbus to send water to Tryon. Tryon is already able to send water to Columbus. The towns also agreed last fall to purchase land on Howard Gap Road for a water tank.
The new line will also enable the towns to receive water from the City of Hendersonville in emergency situations due to the City of Saluda being a water customer of Hendersonville.