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Couple renews vows at Hospice House chapel

For Judy Edney, it seemed like only yesterday that a young Bill Edney walked up to her, arms stretched out, fists clasped, and said Pick a hand. Puzzled, she chose the left.

Look what you missed, he said as he opened his right fist and revealed a handful of model car parts. Then he opened the left, where a diamond ring was waiting to be put on her finger, and asked, Will you marry me?

Just shy of their 50th wedding anniversary, Bill was admitted to Hospice of the Carolina Foothills inpatient facility, Smith Phayer Hospice House. Judy describes arriving at the Hospice House in October, thinking Bill was going there to die: We walked into the doors, and could feel the presence of God working.

After just a few days stay at the House, Bills health improved greatly. With the gift of time in hand, Bill pushed Judy to make plans to renew their marriage vows, just as they had done at the 25 year mark.

The couples former pastor, Jesse Yarbrough, was asked to do the honors. Bill was brought down the hall in his wheelchair by his grandsons Kyle and Cole. He met Judy at the door, and they held hands and entered the chapel together.

A total of 42 people attended, and before the service began, Bill requested that all 8 grandchildren stand at the front with them. They held a small reception afterwards in the Hospice House dining room.

Two days later, Bill was discharged home with homecare hospice support from Hospice of the Carolina Foothills. He and Judy continue to enjoy the gift of each and every day.

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