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Anyone remember the Golden Rule?

To the Editor:

Some thoughts on the annexation fiasco. Da Mayor instigated the effort that will cost Tryonites $266,000. In his article in the TDB on 12/18 he stated that revenue shortfall was $14,000 per year before this all started. Dividing $266k by $14k, I make that 19 years to pay off $266k at $14k per year.

It looks to me that Tryonites will have to make up the $14,000 that Mayor Peoples said was ongoing plus $14,000 to pay off annexation expenses for the next 19 years. People should have been more watchful, active and outraged from the start.

Lately one letter writer claimed that since forced annexation was legal, morality wasnt an issue. To take something of value (tax money) against someones will is robbery. Anyone remember the Golden Rule.

Well congrats to CAFA for all their hard work, to the folks who contributed money, to the brave folks who signed onto the lawsuit, to the voters who saw the light and to the new (and one old) council members. Patriots all, …land of the free and the home of the brave is still alive right here.

Bob Neubauer