Columbus to Planning board to consider Foster Creek master plan

Published 3:36 pm Monday, August 3, 2009

The Columbus Planning Board will be presented the Foster Creek development master plan in August with plans for the development to be officially approved and construction to begin next year.

Columbus Planner Daniel Hallstrom, who is working his last day today after resigning a couple of months ago, says the planning board will consider the plan for a recommendation in September.

Melanie Sand, Columbus&squo; new planner will take over Hallstrom&squo;s planning position next week with her first project being Foster Creek, an over 1,000 acre proposed subdivision off Houston Road. Sand will also be working as Tryon&squo;s planner approximately two days per week beginning next week.

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Foster Creek has several more steps to complete before being able to begin construction. Following a planning board recommendation on the master plan in September, town council will consider the master plan for final approval, scheduled for October and will have until December to make a final decision.

Foster Creek will also have to appear before the Columbus Zoning Board of Adjustment to request a special use permit, due to the project being a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Once the special use permit is obtained, Foster Creek will then submit a preliminary plat for its first phase of development. The planning board will first make a recommendation on the preliminary plat and town council will then consider the plat and have 60 days to render a final decision, according to Hallstrom.

Following preliminary plat approval, construction can begin, assuming all state required permits are obtained, such as department of transportation driveway permits.

Foster Creek is planning approximately 700 lots on the property.