Harvesting hay the old-time way: brothers use draft horses

Published 4:24 pm Monday, June 8, 2009

&bsp; With two horses leading them, they cut, rake, and bale and then return to pick up the bales with a large, flat wagon.

Brian says he&squo;s being using the old-fashioned methods on the land for about a year, while his brother has been doing it that way for several years. The brothers are passing on the tradition by enlisting the help of their sons Matthew and Ethan this year too.

Brian says they enjoy the horses and the old style methods are &dquo;a lot quieter and more peaceful than a loud tractor.&dquo; He adds that using horses forces them to slow down, and not be &dquo;just go, go, go.&dquo;

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The Prices plan to finish the spring cutting over the next week or so, and then will do it again in the fall.&bsp;Steve Price, left with nephew Matthew and son Ethan on the wagon picking up bales. See page 16 for more photos. (photo by Ivey Sumrell)